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REFORM is an organization of Research Scholars of the Department. It was the 2009 batch of research scholars who coined and developed the title ‘Reform’. As the first step, an executive meeting was conducted on 13.07.2009 by the teachers and research scholars.  The discussion mainly focused on the inauguration of Reform and it was decided that it would be done by VC. 

The first meeting was conducted on 26.07.2010 and evaluated the previous years’ programmes. New office bearers were elected. It was concluded with the decision that each research scholars should pay a subscription fee of Rs. 50. 
Reform conducted various programmes in the following years. In January 2011, two days workshop was organized on Introduction of Psychological Tools by Dr. K. Manikandan. Classes on Research Methodology were given by Rose Mary Teacher and Ashraf sir. Dr. Sumangala teacher and Ashraf sir took classes on Statistics. Classes on Research Hypothesis and Design were given by Sumangala Teacher and Rose Mary teacher respectively on 20.11.2012. Lancy D’ Souza gave a class on SPSS on 11-12.03.2013. A class on Factor Analysis was given by Ashraf sir. A workshop on Tool construction was conducted by Dr. K. Abdul Gafoor. In 2014-15 a one–day workshop on Application for Statistics in Education was organized by Dr. K. Vijayakumari. Two days workshop on SPSS in Education by Dr. Manikandan was conducted in March 2015. The present office bearers were selected in the general body meeting conducted on 05.04.2014.
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